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Welcome to Karen's Miniatures manufacturers of Skycrest Products since 1996. This is a retail site. Please give us a call, drop us a line or send an email for information regarding our wholesale discount. Karen has been a miniaturiast for over 25 years. As she continued her hobby with Doll House Miniatures she started her business 'Karen's Miniatures Ltd' in 1988. With the beginning of Karen's Miniatures she imported many fine miniatures from the U. K. making many friends in the dollhouse business in Britian, Scotland, Wales, Germany and the Netherlands. She started a line of photoetched brass dollhouse kits that are made in Scotland. This line of miniatures has kits in 1/4" scale, 1/2" scale and 1" scale. There are garden furniture kits, plant kits, and some architectural kits. This line of miniature kits also has 1/4: scale cutlery and 1/2" scale cutlery kits in stainless steel. Most of the kits are brass that can be painted and formed into wonderful plant and flower kits as well as the garden furniture kits in all 3 scales. As the business progressed she purchased one part of the Skycrest Products ceramic and terra cotta line. Karen started producing the terra cotta garden pottery, ponds, bird houses and fountain kits and all other garden terra cotta items during her time in Texas in the 1990's. She was approached by the Schmidts to purchase the entire line of Skycrest Products ceramic dollhouse kitchen and table ware while still in Texas. Once she purchased the entire line of Skycrest Products Ceramic line she moved the business to her hometown of Las Cruces, NM. Her son, John Haynie Jr. became her partner and the main potter for the ceramic and terrra cotta miniatures of Skycrest Products and Karen's Miniatures. In the ceramic dollhouse miniature line there is a complete line of kitchenware and table ware in many colors and patterns. Karen and John have many different patterns for all doll houses, Christmas dishes in miniature, dishes and canisters specifically for Halloween and all other holidays. Karen is a member of NAME and CIMTA and does shows throughout the USA